Here you will find some infos about several bootlegs from that era.
There are not many bootlegs out there, but the few you can find are very interesting and
include very rare recordings from the early days.


1) The Gate / Demon Seed*
2) Evil Spells*
3) The Gate / Demon Seed**
4) Evil Spells*
5) Evil Spells**

*Vocals by Dallas Ward
**Vocals by Kenny Bamber

This CD includes the first studio demo, recorded back in 1985. It was never officially released because it was more a kind of audition tape to check out the new singer Kenny Bamber. Besides the songs listed on the backcover, the disc includes two hidden tracks, one is an acoustic guitar jamming, the other is called "Chaos" but both tracks were definitely not played by MORBID ANGEL !!! Maybe these tracks were fillers on the master tape of the bootlegger and this could be the reason that they found their way to the disc !!!
Back to the regular content of that CD: As I told, it was the very first studio demo they recorded back in 1985. The band line up was: Dallas Ward (bass, vocals), Trey Azagthoth (guitar) and Mike Browning (drums). On this recording they checked local singer Kenny Bamber and all tracks were recorded with both, Dallas and Kenny. The same backing tracks of the instrumental versions were used for all different vocal takes and it is very interesting to listen to the songs with high vocals like King Diamond, sung by Kenny !!! Dallas did a much better job - his voice sounds raw and evil, and so the band decided to kick Kenny after they finished the demo recordings. Dallas became the new singer for the next few months, before Mike Browning decided to do the job in spring 1986.
To my knowledge, the original tracks were entitled "Demon Dance" and "Welcome To Hell". I am not sure if "The Gate" was a regular track in the early days - I think they first used it for the "Abominations Of Desolation" album and the time before it was an untitled intro for "Demon Dance". Please tell me if I'm wrong...
The sound quality is very good for an old and unreleased demo recording and I am sure it was made by a guy from the band or a very close fan. The production is very clear (of course, you can hear some small tape drop-outs all over the CD, but remember the age of the material !!!), and all in all it sounds excellent. On track 4 is a massive drop-out in the middle part, but the rest is really good. Track 5 is the same recording as track 4, but with a slightly different mix and without the drop-out.
If you are interested to listen to the stuff with a total different vocal style (and of course much slower than they played these killer tracks one year later), you should check out these early versions.
I think the CD was made in early 90s - I got mine back in 1995 or so...if anybody has some more information about that release, feel free to contact me and help to make this website as perfect as possible !!! THANK YOU !!!


1) Morbid Angel
2) Azagthoth - Lead Guitar
3) Untitled Song
4) Maze Of Torment
5) Drum Solo
6) Maze Of Torment
7) Brunelle - Lead Guitar
8) Evil
9) Demon
10) Die By The Sword

This album was recorded at their 3rd gig in Tampa, Florida 1985. It must be the earliest known live recording available in any form and the LP was released by HEADACHE RECORDS. As many collectors know, this small label released tons of old stuff, for example some CARCASS or MASSACRE and CANNIBAL CORPSE rarities on vinyl and they are active since the early 90s I think. Most albums released by them are available in different colours (my copy is yellow, but I heard from a red vinyl version) and the sound quality is okay.
On Side A you can hear the only known most complete version of the track MORBID ANGEL, sung by Dallas Ward or Richard Brunelle - who knows exactly ??? It was a real killer track with a length more than 15 minutes !!! The first riff was later recycled for the "Altars Of Madness" opening track "Immortal Rites"...
So the tracklist on the backcover is a bit confusing - tracks 1 - 3 are in fact the song "Morbid Angel", including the guitar solo by Trey Azagthoth and the drum solo by Mike Browning and it fills the entire first side of the LP !!! It starts with the "Carmina Burana" intro and then you can hear a small cut and the track "Morbid Angel" starts. I think there are only a few seconds missing at the beginning. At the end of Side A the track fades out with a solo, but the B-Side starts with a solo that leads into the track "Maze Of Torment" so I am 99.9% sure that "Morbid Angel" is complete included on that record.
Very interesting fact is, that Side A has a mono recording as source, Side B is in stereo...very curious thing if you know that it was recorded during the same show, maybe by two different bootleggers ??? The sound quality of both sides is good and you can hear all the riffs they played. The recording has some tape noise and too much middle frequencies, especially in the lead guitar parts and sometimes the volume level of the entire recording changes from quiet to very loud, but I like this album and it seems to be the only source for the song "Morbid Angel" and the MERCYFUL FATE cover "Evil", played as an instrumental.
In February 2011 I got a digital rip of the original source tape. All tracks are included in stereo sound here - without the volume changes on the entire recording. Also the fade out of side A and the fade in on side B are not included here..instead of that, the tracks continue without any gaps or fades between both sides and so I am sure that it was ripped from an original tape, not from the vinyl version.
As a bonus on the LP version, two rehearsal tracks are included. The track "Demon" is an early version of the later reworked "Demon Dance" and later "Demon Seed" (sadly it cuts off short before the regular ending of the song) and the SLAYER cover "Die By The Sword" is very well done here !!! Both tracks were recorded without vocals and the sound quality is not as good, but these versions are rare as hell and if you change some EQ on your home stereo (less bass, more treble), it is a pleasure to listen to the stuff.
This is one of my favourite bootlegs ever and shows the band in its pure rawness, back in 1985 !!!


1) Unholy Blasphemies (Rehearsal January 30th, 1987)
2) Chapel Of Ghouls (Rehearsal January 30th, 1987)
3) Evil Spells (Rehearsal January 30th, 1987)
4) Chapel Of Ghouls (Rehearsal February 1986)
5) Abominations (Rehearsal February 1986)
6) Hellspawn (Rehearsal February 1986)
7) Welcome To Hell (Rehearsal February 1986)
8) Bleed For The Devil (Rehearsal November 1986)
9) Damnation (Rehearsal July 4th, 1986)
10) Reanimators Mutilations (Rehearsal July 4th, 1986)
11) Chapel Of Ghouls (Rehearsal July 4th, 1986)
12) Hellspawn (Rehearsal July 4th, 1986)
13) Thy Kingdom Come (Demo III, 1987)
14) Abominations (Demo III, 1987)
15) Blasphemy Of The Holy Ghost (Demo III, 1987)

This is a very interesting compilation bootleg, made in 1992 by SLOW DEATH RECORDS (left) and EARPAINE (right).
I don't know which one was released first, but I think they were both made around 1992. There is also a digipak version available including the artwork of the SLOW DEATH CD in dark brown (possibly made in 2006 or 2007) and in 2008 I discovered another version with different cover and bonustracks (see below).
The CD includes the most known demo and rehearsal stuff that was circulating back in the 80s and I am sure that is was ripped straight from a cassette, compiled by a tape trader or a fanzine editor from the ancient days...
The disc starts with a rehearsal from 1987, featuring David Vincent (vocals, bass), Trey Azagthoth (guitars), Richard Brunelle (guitars) and Wayne Hartsell (drums). It was the same line up as on the "Thy Kingdom Come" demo and I think these so-called rehearsals are a leftover from the sessions, cause back in the 80s some special edition demotapes were made (maybe by the band, maybe by some fans ???), including the regular demo on Side A and the three tracks included here on Side B. These raw versions are very interesting, especially the fact that some parts of the lyrics on "Chapel Of Ghouls" are different to all known versions. I don't really like the voice on that recording - it sounds very infected sometimes and I think that was the main reason not to include the tracks on the official demotape.
With tracks 4 - 7, to me the most interesting part of the CD begins. The early rehearsal recordings are full of darkness and brutality !!! "Chapel Of Ghouls" sadly starts with a burbling noise (an error of an old battered tape), but after few seconds some treble rise up and you can hear all the instruments. All the rehearsalstuff was recorded with a simple cassette recorder, but the sound is okay to my ears.
Track 8 is an instrumental version and feature David Vincent and Wayne Hartsell, if the date of the recording is correct. As we all know, Mike Browning and Sterling Von Scarborough left the band in late 1986, so it must be a recording with the new members. You can hear it very clear on the drumming, which sounds very similar to the "Thy Kingdom Come" sessions. A very interesting version !!!
Tracks 9 - 12 are the best quality rehearsals I ever heard from MORBID ANGEL !!! Ultrarare takes are included here, for example a very raw (and total different) version of "Damnation" or the track "Reanimators Mutilations", reworked by Mike Browning and Sterling Von Scarborough on the skullcrushing INCUBUS demo in 1987.
The CD closes with the famous "Thy Kingdom Come" demo, recorded in 1987 and I have to say that this collection is very essential for all the fans who are interested in the old stuff !!! Sadly the sound of the entire disc is very muddy (very less treble, much tape noise, some drop-outs), but the included material is a pure killer !!!


1) Unholy Blasphemies (Rehersal 30-1-87)
2) Chapel Of Ghouls (Rehersal 30-1-87)
3) Evil Spells (Rehersal 30-1-87)
4) Chapel Of Ghouls (Rehersal 2-86)
5) Abominations (Rehersal 2-86)
6) Hellspawn / Welcome To Hell (Rehersal 2-86)
7) Bleed For The Devil (Rehersal 11-86)
8) Damnation (Rehersal 4-7-86)
9) Reanimators Mutilations (Rehersal 4-7-86)
10) Chapel Of Ghouls (Rehersal 4-7-86)
11) Hellspawn (Rehersal 4-7-86)
12) Thy Kingdom Come (Demo 3-87)
13) Abominations (Demo 3-87)
14) Blasphemy Of The Holy Ghost (Demo 3-87)
15) The Gate - Demon Seed
16) Evil Spell
17) Unnamed Track

This is the latest known version of the "EVIL DEMOS" compilation, probably made in 2008. There is no label written on the booklet and it seems to be manufactured in Mexico. This version was definitely made by people who are no real MORBID ANGEL maniacs, cause there are some mistakes on the layout and the included recordings are sometimes far away from the better sound, released on the SLOW DEATH and EARPAINE versions. Okay, let's start with the layout. On the front and back you can see an excerpt, stolen by an image made by swiss artist Hans Rudi Giger. On the tracklist you can see some wrong spelling ("Rehersal" instead of "Rehearsal", see tracklist on top) and inside the CD (the so called booklet is a two side printed inlay only) you can see a bandphoto, made in late 1987 or early 1988, showing the following line up: Richard Brunelle (lead guitars), Wayne Hartsell (drums), Trey Azagthoth (lead guitars) and David Vincent (bass, vocals). Besides the fact that I never saw that picture before (Trey is worshipping an inverted cross in his hands), Wayne Hartsell is not mentioned on the line up written below, but instead you can read "Mike Browning (drums)"...
Some words about the sound quality: All tracks were collected from different sources and definitely not taken from the first editions of "EVIL DEMOS", cause sometimes the included recordings sound very different to the original bootleg versions !!! I am sure this is a cheap and hastily done release (as most of the mexican shitty bootlegs) just to make some money and I think all tracks were collected through file sharing programs...all tracks have more hiss than on the original version, made in 1992 and, of course, sometimes more drop outs and some errors...on some tracks (the "Rehearsal 4-7-86" session) you can hear the first second starting, then comes a long gap and the song continues after a few seconds...very strange...the "Demo 3-87" tracks (the "Thy Kingdom Come" tape) were taken from the bootleg 3-track-7", released in the early 90s. The sound is terrible (very distorted, too much middle frequencies) and you can hear some volume errors and a lot of noise (crackling) from old vinyl...
As a bonus the bootleggers added three tracks, taken from "The Beginning", but on the tracklist there is no information about the year and these bonustracks are listed in the "Demo 3-87" part...this fact shows me again that the makers are not involved in the history and just want to make money with a very bad release of a band they are not really interested in...and besides some mistakes I told you before, there are also some wrong markers on the disc...I am full of rage that I paid money to buy that shitty CD version, but as a die-hard-fan I have to check all available versions to tell you something about it...and this is my intention to make this website interesting and as complete as possible !!!


1) Bleed For The Devil
2) Damnation
3) Maze Of Torment
4) Lord Of All Fevers And Plagues
5) Blasphemy Of The Holy Ghost
6) Hellspawn
7) Evil Spells
8) Unholy Blasphemies
9) Bleed For The Devil
10) Chapel Of Ghouls
11) Azagthoth
12) Maze Of Torment
13) Hellspawn
14) Morbid Angel

Tracks 1 - 7: recorded live January 23rd, 1988
Tracks 8 - 14: recorded live May 25th, 1986

This live bootleg contains two shows, recorded in 1988 and 1986. Unfortunately both shows are incomplete, but the material included on this CD is absolutely great !!! The first seven tracks were recorded with new Drummer Wayne Hartsell and David Vincent on vocals and bass and seem to be one of just a handful recordings (besides the infamous "Thy Kingdom Come" demo sessions) with this line up, maybe the earliest live recording with David ever... The quality is very good - you can hear all instruments and the sound is rich and full and it was recorded from soundboard. Sadly the last track "Evil Spells" cuts off before the regular ending and then begins the more interesting part (for my ears !!!): The following tracks were recorded on the legendary "Metal Mania Memorial Day Weekend" in Tampa / Florida on May 25th, 1986. Besides the video that exists, this recording has a much better sound cause it was recorded straight from the soundboard (the videosound was recorded with the microphone of the camera and is very distorted). On that gig MORBID ANGEL played 11 songs (all included on the video), but this soundboard recording includes only six-and-a-half would be a pleasure to listen the entire gig as a soundboard recording, but I think there are only 45 minutes of material available on audio format (the last track "Lord Of All Fevers And Plague" which was a part of the "original" live tape, well-known in tape trading circles, is missing on the CD)...very sad that the last track featured here, "Morbid Angel", is incomplete cause it is the only known source of that song with Mike Browning on vocals...
The sound quality is very good (for bootleg standards !!!). It sounds like taken from a 3rd to 5th generation tape copy and, the same as on "Evil Demos", it sounds a little bid muddy and has much bass and less treble, but if you have an equalizer on your home stereo to change some settings, it is a real killer to listen to these recordings !!! The band played very good, the vocals from Mike are brutal as hell and the track listing is a real killer !!! Very interesting versions are "Bleed For The Devil", "Maze Of Torment" (with a little cut in the guitar solo) and the incomplete piece of "Morbid Angel". These tracks were never recorded in a studio with this line up, but they belong to their history and everytime I listen to these live cuts, I wish that they had recorded a double album back in 1986 including all tracks they had written so far...The same as "Evil Demos", two different versions exist. One was made by SLOW DEATH RECORDS, the other by EARPAINE. The layouts of both versions are very similar to the "Evil Demos" graphics and I am sure both CDs were made around the same time, maybe pressed and put out together. To me it is a historical document and it includes very cool recordings from the ancient times - if you see the CD, check it out. It rules, especially the second half of the disc !!!


1) Bleed For The Devil
2) Damnation
3) Maze Of Torment
4) Lord Of All Fevers And Plagues
5) Blasphemy Of The Holy Ghost
6) Hellspawn
7) Evil Spells
8) Unholy Blasphemies
9) Bleed For The Devil
10) Chapel Of Ghouls
11) Azagthoth
12) Maze Of Torment
13) Hellspawn
14) Morbid Angel

Tracks 1 - 7: recorded live January 23rd, 1988
Tracks 8 - 14: recorded live May 25th, 1986

This seems to be a counterfeit pressing (a bootleg from a bootleg !!!). It includes the same recordings as "EVIL LIVE" and I am not sure when it was released, maybe in the middle of the 90s. I got my sealed copy yesterday and I listened carefully to this version.
The recordings on this CD are slightly different in sound quality if you know the two releases from EARPAINE and SLOW DEATH RECORDS. On this CD a small reverb has been added to the entire recording to make it a little bit stereo (in fact the original versions are mono recordings, taken from a soundboard where all the instruments have been panned straight to the center). With that small reverb effect, the tracks get a little bit more live atmosphere, but sometimes you can't hear the very fast parts as good as on the "unmastered" versions. To my ears I have to say that I prefer the other two CD versions.


1) Unholy Blasphemies
2) Bleed For The Devil
3) Chapel Of Ghouls
4) Azagthoth
5) Maze Of Torment
6) Hellspawn
7) Morbid Angel
8) Lord Of All Fevers & Plague

This LP, released by HEADACHE RECORDS, includes the complete live tape of the May 25th 1986 concert (but in fact not the complete show they played back then), circulating out there since more than 20 years. The layout is in fact nearly the same as on "3RD GIG" (the backcover of "3RD GIG" is the frontcover of "UNHOLY BLASPHEMIES" and turned around...special thanks to Johannes Marchand for the good quality picture of the front cover - my digital camera fucked up...!!!), but the recording quality of the album is very sounds like dubbed from a broken tape recorder...if you own the "EVIL LIVE" CD, listen to it on your home stereo and press the MONO button - that's what you can hear on the HEADACHE sounds like recorded under water and it is very sad that it doesn't have the same quality as on the "EVIL LIVE" CD...the only postive thing is that the track "Lord Of All Fevers And Plague" is included on that LP, sadly missing on the CD verrsion. The album is available in different colors (as all HEADACHE LPs), I own the blue vinyl version and it is available on some underground mailorders. I am sure that HEADACHE repress their releases over and over again because it is very easy to buy them for a price between 15 - 20 Euro. If you are a die-hard-maniac (as me), you should have the record in your collection because it is the only known source (except some self made tapes) including "Lord Of All Fevers And Plague". All other tracks are exactly the same as on the "EVIL LIVE" CD (the song "Morbid Angel" is also incomplete here), but the sound of the LP sucks...!!!


1) The Gate / Demon Seed
2) Evil Spells

In 2010, a new bootleg company saw the light of the day...besides the MORBID ANGEL 7" record, they released a lot of other stuff, for example some SAMAEL demos etc...but back to the record featured here:
The vinyl includes two tracks, taken from "The Beginning" bootleg CD. You can hear the versions with Kenny Bamber on vocals and the sound quality of the vinyl is excellent (straight ripped from the CD). The recordings are credited on the backcover to Dallas Ward, Trey Azagthoth and Mike Browning. I am sure the bootleggers are no real fans, cause you can't find any information about the appearance of Kenny Bamber. The vinyl is limited to 103 copies only (if you believe the lines on the backcover) and there are different colours outside.


This LP was first available in 2013. The initial pressing run was made on black vinyl. Later editions are available on purple vinyl. Not sure if it really came from Singapore, but it is a well-done bootleg LP. It includes the full recordings, strictly taken from "The Beginning" CD. The pressing quality is very nice and the sound on the LP is very similar to the original CD release.



Here is a small list of rehearsal and live tapes circulating around since the middle of the eighties. It will be updated sometimes. At the time I get some rare stuff from the private archives of former members and maniacs or tape traders from the early days.

TOTAL HIDEOUS DEATH (made and distributed by Trey Azagthoth)

01) Unholy Blasphemies
02) Bleed For The Devil
03) Chapel Of Ghouls
04) Azagthoth
05) Maze Of Torment
06) Drum Solo / Maze Of Torment
07) Richard's Solo
08) Hellspawn
09) Trey's Solo
10) Morbid Angel
11) Trey's Solo
12) Lord Of All Fevers And Plague

I discovered that tape on Ebay in early 2011. The seller added the following information:

This is a VERY RARE live demo from MORBID ANGEL called "Total Hideous Death" 5/25/86
You will NEVER see this again, you never have seen it. A long time ago, people used to argue with me about its existence.
The cover and writing on the tape (sigils) was made by TREY (legendary guitarist of Morbid Angel. He used to mail these
out to some of his friends back in 86.

The tape includes the same show as released on the "Unholy Blasphemies" bootleg LP and as the second part of the "Evil Live" bootleg CD (except "Lord Of All Fevers And Plague"). The tape used here (and made by Trey Azagthoth) is a C-90 SONY cassette, so it is possible that the entire gig is included on side A only (playing time: 43 minutes). I am not sure if the tape has some more recordings on side could be possible that Trey added some rare rehearsal recordings or more live material to fill the tape, but I don't have any information about it.

I don't know how many tapes were available back then...I think Trey made only a handful to give it out to fans and comrades.
The sound quality should be similar to the "Evil Live" bootleg CD, cause I think it was ripped from that tape (or maybe a higher generation copy of that recording). Maybe the original tape sounds much better ??? Would be very interesting !!! If there is anybody out there who owns a copy of it, please get in contact !!! It would be a pleasure to listen to the tape in its original quality and, of course, I would die for full scans of the inlay card to complete my website step by step !!!
Besides the regular demos it should be the only official tape release from the early days - but tell me if I'm wrong.

REHEARSAL FEBRUARY 1986 (unreleased tape)

1) Angel Of Disease
2) Hellspawn
3) Azagthoth
4) Demon Seed
5) Lord Of All Fevers And Plague
6) Welcome To Hell
7) Morbid Angel

I got a very bad copy of that rehearsal tape from a trader in late 2010. On this recording the bass guitar is very loud. According to Mike, it was one of the first rehearsals with John Ortega and the tracks were recorded for him to learn his bass lines. The first seconds of "Angel Of Disease" are missing and the track "Morbid Angel" isn't complete here, cause the tape runs off...
In March 2011 I received another copy with a slightly better sound, but the last track also cuts before its regular ending.
Would be great to know more about that recording, maybe a better or complete version is circulating ??? If you know more about it, please write a mail !!! Thank you !!!

LIVE AT THE POWER COMPANY 1984 (unreleased tape)

01) Abominations
02) When The Night Calls
03) Covens Of The Dancer
04) Morbid Angel
05) Maze Of Torment
06) Bring In The Blood
07) Demon Dance
08) Welcome To Hell
09) Necro Metal
10) Dead Zone
11) Doomed By The Living Dead

Yes, I got it from Mike Browning !!! It must be one of the very first shows ever and the tape has a playing time of nearly 80 minutes !!! The first seconds of "Abominations" are missing here and Dallas Ward (bass player 1982-1986) told me that the regular set started with "Black Magic" (SLAYER) and "Angel Of Disease". Both opening tracks were not recorded back the livetape begins with the third song. Dallas thinks that the tape includes two different shows, but he has to check it again.
The sound quality is very good, the show was recorded from soundboard. The bass guitar is very loud, but you can hear all instruments very clear. There are a lot of unreleased tracks included and besides "The Third Gig", this source is the only known recording where you can hear the song "Morbid Angel" in its entirety !!!

REHEARSAL 1984 (unreleased tape)

01) Evil
02) Black Funeral
03) Angel Of Death
04) Bring In The Blood
05) Death Watch
06) Angel Of Disease
07) Welcome To Hell
08) Covens Of The Dancer

This tape seems to be the earliest available recording !!! Dallas Ward found the 30 year old cassette in his archives and sent a few tracks to me. All tracks were played as instrumental versions, cause MORBID ANGEL started without a singer. This is the very first and original line up, featuring Trey Azagthoth, Dallas Ward and Mike Browning !!! Besides a couple of coverversions by MERCYFUL FATE and ANGEL WITCH, the very first written songs are included here - but in much slower versions than on later tapes and releases !!! I am not sure if it was really recorded in 1984, but I suspect it could be the truth.
Dallas' tape seems to be the master, cause the sound is very clean and good !!! I will get a full version from him and I am sure that I have to add more information about it in the near future !!!

REHEARSAL 1986 (unreleased recordings)

01) Chapel Of Ghouls
02) Hellspawn
03) Angel Of Disease
04) Unholy Blasphemies
05) Demon Seed
06) Chapel Of Ghouls
07) Hellspawn

Here we have an early rehearsal tape, straight from the archives of Trey Azagthoth back in time.
I got a 2nd generation copy in March 2011 and the sound is very good !!! Unfortunately there is no real date (month, day etc.) written on the tape, but it must be around spring / summer 1986. Tracks 6-7 seem to be from another recording session than tracks 1-5, cause the sound is different. The entire copy is a little bit distorted (very loud level on tape), but all in all it is an over the top rehearsal recording !!!

DEMO 1986

01) Chapel Of Ghouls
02) Abominations
03) Hellspawn
04 Welcome To Hell

Another tape I got in March 2011. I am not sure if this was a real demo in 1986, but the writing on the tape cover should be right cause the recordings were owned by a die hard maniac who spent some months with the guys in 1987 and got all these historical recordings from the band.
The sound quality is very good, in fact this is not a real demo production, but a rehearsal recording, but maybe sold or distributed as a demo. These recordings are also included on the "Evil Demos" bootleg CD (with not as good sound quality as included on my tape) and the credits on the cover say "Rehearsal February 1986". I think it could be right that these recordings were made in early 1986, but as I told you before, I am not sure if it was just a rehearsal tape or a real demo. Maybe somebody out there knows more about it ???

REHEARSAL NOVEMBER 1986 (unreleased recordings)

01) Blasphemy Of The Holy Ghost
02) Damnation
03) Chapel Of Ghouls

Three very rare versions, recorded in November 1986. Must be David Vincent on bass guitar and Wane Hartsell on drums I think, cause Mike Browning and John Ortega (and later Sterling Von Scarborough) left the band in late summer / early autumn 1986. All tracks included here are instrumental versions. Most interesting track is "Damnation" with a lot of different riffs !!! This one is very worth to listen, but my copy has a terrible sound...would be great to listen to these recordings with better quality. The track "Bleed For The Devil", included on "Evil Demos" bootleg CD, has a great sound and must be from the same session, cause the sound is very similar and it is also an instrumental version. I would die for a very good copy of the entire thing !!!


01) Welcome To Hell
02) Morbid Angel
03) Azagthoth Solo
04) Darkness Solo
05) Maze Of Torment
06) Satanic Impalers Solo

Here we have a very great live recording from their early days !!! It was the same concert as included on the "Third Gig" bootleg LP, but here we have some differences. First is that the recordings starts with "Welcome To Hell" (not included on the bootleg LP version) instead of the "O Fortuna" intro, which is missing here. The track "Morbid Angel" is included in its full glory (without the missing riffs at the beginning) and the sound quality of the entire recording is much better and more clear as on the "Third Gig" album. Very sad that "Evil" is missing here, but I restored and remastered the track from another source to make that concert recording as complete as possible. be continued...